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Bulk Goods Logistics Division

The Carlo Laviosa Bulk Goods Logistics Division has developed the specific skills necessary for this field in over 40 years of business.
Discharging, warehousing, and transport by rail and road are some of the steps in the process necessary to transport bulk goods from the source to the end user.
System integration, that is, the fluidity and efficiency of these steps, are our responsibility. Many years of proximity to and close collaboration with Laviosa Chimica Mineraria and all the other group operational industrial companies have permitted the accumulation of the experience and ability necessary to acquire the sector’s biggest world-class operators as customers through the years. Sibelco, Solvay and Sacci are some of the names who have trusted us for years.
Specific handling skills for individual materials (coal, clays, sands, feldspars, perlites, etc.) have become our strong points.

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