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Ferry Division

The Carlo Laviosa ferry division serves mainly as agency and representation for Tirrenia di Navigazione.
Collaboration with Tirrenia became so tight through time that our partner accepted the proposal by the Carlo Laviosa company to develop and manage the “TirreniaOK” call-center in 2004. TirreniaOK is today a consolidated system for road haulage contractors to make transport reservations, automatically receive information via email, texting or fax about the arrival and departure of their vehicles on-line, in this way, increasing the services furnished to their customers.
The ferry division operates from its own office situated at the Pisa quay in the port of Livorno. There it has a staff of four dedicated to the line's sales and operations activities. The organization is completed by the secondary office at the port of La Spezia and a consolidated network of correspondents at the most important national ports.
The cumulative experience and competence acquired in the sector has successively enabled the ferry division to progressively acquire other shipping companies.

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