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The ‘Carlo Laviosa’ Shipping Agency began its activities in the early years of the 20th century, when the Laviosa family imported coal from Britain and the brothers Ernesto and Attilio operated in the ports of Genoa, La Spezia and Leghorn.
Carlo Laviosa, the younger brother, discharged after the First World War in 1920, opened an office in Leghorn, in order to extend the importation of coal and the shipping agency activities to basically all the industrialized areas of Italy at that time. The agency’s activities developed favorably until the Second World War.
In 1945, the war over, Carlo Laviosa resumed the coal trading and the Shipping and Forwarding Agency activities.
Carlo Laviosa died in 1953 and his son Ernesto, born in 1925, with a degree in Engineering, took his father’s place in the company. At this time, the company was mainly involved in developing the representation of shipping principals and in the loading – unloading of bulk goods.
From 1965 Ernesto Laviosa dedicated himself to the promotion and development of integrated port services. From 1983 Ernesto’s son, Giovanni, born in 1956, has the responsibility of managing the company.

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