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We boast a long tradition as shipping and forwarding agents, started in 1922 in the dock of Leghorn, when this new kind of activity was added to the already existing business of importing and commercializing coal through the whole Italian territory.

Since then we have:
  • reached a very high level of specialization in the assistance to ships of any kind, with total dedication to the optimization of in-dock services.
  • consolidated our specific know-how in the loading and unloading of solid and liquid bulks.
  • developed an activity of commercial and operational assistance to ro-ro cargo lines.
We intend to:
  • expand and consolidate our role as specialized operators in the sectors of activities that year after year have been the basis of our success.
  • broaden our logistic view in order to provide additional service solutions.
  • seize the new opportunities that are arising from the informatic and technological evolution.
  • geographically expand our market.
In order to achieve these goals, we will:
  • invest in human resources in an environment of mutual respect, by developing a constant process of delegation of duties.
  • maintain and create a stable, solid and advantageous relationship with our clients based on business collaboration and quality.
  • establish clear and durable bonds with our suppliers by considering them as our partners.
  • constantly keep updated on the developments of the market in which we operate in order to be aware of the needs and expectations of all those who ultimately use our services.

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