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Terminal Rinfusi Mediterraneo was set up in 1993 by various operators in the shipping sector, with a 50% shareholding in Terminal Calata Orlando Srl. in Livorno, which handles ships carrying bulk cargo. The wharf is 450 metres long and has a total surface area of 27,000 m2, with three berths, a depth of 30 feet, and a three-track railway link.
Enercore is an Italian company with operative headquarters in Genova that operates in the trading market of steam coal, coking coal, petcoke, met coke, foundry coke, and other related products. Its business is to buy directly from suppliers to better hiring and deliver to the end user and also creating internal and transit landings. The company is structured to operate throughout the world and is working with officials in Turkey, Colombia, Venezuela, U.S.A. We are also in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Africa, Chile, Canada and Spain.

Carlo Laviosa S.r.l. - Company of the group Laviosa Minerals S.p.A
HEAD OFFICE: Via Leonardo da Vinci, 21/B - 57123 LIVORNO - Phone: +39 0586 421564
PORT OFFICE: Varco Galvani - 57123 LIVORNO - Phone: +39 0586 424730
BRANCH OFFICE: Viale San Bartolomeo, 109 - 19126 LA SPEZIA - Phone: +39 0187 518242
BRANCH OFFICE: Via Sa Perdixedda, 18 - 09123 CAGLIARI - Phone: +39 070 678351
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