Shipping Agency

Shipping Agency

The activity of Carlo Laviosa Shipping Agency takes in mainly two segments: agency services to liners, as agent for Tirrenia – Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione and the recommendation of tramp freighters, for transportation of dry or liquid bulk products and general cargo.

The organization operates from its own offices in Livorno with a staff who takes care of sales and operations for the shipping lines. There is also a branch office in the port of La Spezia and a well-established network of correspondents in the leading national ports.

The characteristic of tramps ships is that they do not work to a regular schedule with set  arrival and departure dates or precise routes. The diversity of their trade is also a distinctive feature. Flexibility, availability and specific knowledge of the various types of vessels and loads are our strengths.

The experience and skills acquired in this sector has enabled the progressive acquisition of new customers over time.

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